How is it that I can love and not love the Korra finale so much at the same time?

I mean really it was so exciting and so thrilling and just so… so…. AMAZING!

But I just… I mean… I have no words…. the awesome was then made less by letting the “MaKorra” shippers have their cake.  Their stupid, overly sweet, overly cliched cake.  I will not take part in their victory cake, nor will I take part in the losing shippers’ cake, I will eat cake by myself and moan about it.  I have no shipping tastes, I normally go with what the series does, and assume it is for the best, and normally I actually think that.  But in this…. In this…. they put it up too early… they… I just don’t know, I didn’t enjoy it.

And then (away from my sighing about shippers and shit) WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO NOW?!  I wanna know!  Are they going to continue?  I mean…. are they?  I would be incredibly upset if the did not, but they ended everything so perfectly and cleanly…

But then again… there were things that felt… not complete.

Finished, but unfinished.  Awesome, but… it’s not not awesome it’s more of a feeling of… quoi?


I’m just gonna sit on it for a while….

Indeed…. Indeed….